Jasmin Hardt

I am a woman in her mid 30's and live in Aarhus in Denmark. I started painting miniatures for fun, I didn't really play anything with them, I just liked painting them. And fell so much in love with it that I now like to share out from my experience and have started selling 3d printed miniatures and sculptures. I love painting for others and making others ideas come to life.


The printer

the Anycubic Photon S resin 3d printer. It has been alive since september 2019. It does keep me on my toes and does weird errors at times, but has been patient with my learning process.


The Airbrush

Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Silverline airbrush. This one has made my life a lot easier. Requires a lot of baths and care, but it is worth it. Has been with me for years. And I would miss it greatly.


The Dremmel

The Dremmel has like the airbrush been for me some years now, and makes drilling and sanding so much easier. It is not as high maintainance as the airbrush luckily. Materials come and go but as good tool will stay for a long time.